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Long time no see

Well, its been around 3 months, tumblr hiatus. No, I’m not coming back anytime soon, and maybe never will. I havent decided yet. I just wanted to post that I’m not dead or anything, although at this point it likely doesn’t even matter. Only two of you contacted me during the past 3 months, you know who you are. 

There are numerous factors that drove me away from this site, and for the sake of keeping my barren-wasteland of a mailbox free of hate-mail, I won’t disclose those factors. .__.

But anyways, I wont make the choice to come back anytime soon, mainly because I’m too busy as it is with preparations for moving overseas in 4 months. Yeah yeah you heard right. And no I won’t say where I’m going because that will just cause the folks around here to start foaming at the mouth… -_- 

But of course since I’m moving to a new country soon, once I get there I will have even less time, as I finish school there and graduate next spring, I’ll begin job searching, like a real, full time job with my degree. o:

So I guess that’s all for now… I almost didn’t post anything at all, mainly out of the fact that I never have anything to say anymore…

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Say goodbye… 

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Might be going away for a while…

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Should I buy Kamijo’s new album? Not sure yet but there I said it. Kamijo. New album. Its out there, on tumblr. I posted it. So? Yeah.

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i always wear all black just to remind you that im always ready for your funeral 

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I had the best weekend ever~!! I wish it didn’t have to end, but I want every weekend to be this great! :D

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